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New lessee for Flammabadet camping 2022

Now it is clear who will take over the operation of Flammabadet's campsite in Knäred. Lars Møller, a neighbor of the campsite, takes on the task. Lars Møller has been playing at Flammabadet's campsite since childhood and now has the opportunity to develop service, standards and surrounding activities in his own way.

Flammabadets Camping host

About Flammabadets Camping

Flammabadets Camping campsite gallery
Flammabadets Camping campsite gallery, firepit
Flammabadets Camping campsite gallery, reception

Good to know

  • Register at the reception upon arrival.

  • In connection with check-in, you, as a camping guest, will be given instructions about the location and other information.

  • On the day of departure, the campsite/cabin must be vacated and cleaned no later than 12:00, this with regard to new guests.

  • If there is a desire to change the agreed departure date, this must be communicated in good time.

  • Temporary visitors park their vehicle in the parking lot outside
    the camping area, unless otherwise agreed.

  • A garbage station is located at the entrance/exit.

  • Toilet, shower and water outlet can be found inside the campsite and the kitchen can be found just outside the camping area.

General rules

  • Disruptive behavior is not permitted.

  • Between 22:00 and 07:00 it must be quiet on the campsite.

  • Open fires on the ground are completely prohibited, as is the use of disposable grills

  • It is absolutely forbidden to use an electrical outlet other than the one you have been assigned.

  • No additional tents may be pitched by guests or visitors without permission.

  • Walking speed applies to all vehicles inside the camping area.

  • Dogs must be leashed within the campsite area and rested outside the campsite area.

  • Washing of vehicles and equipment within the camping area is not permitted.

  • Smoking in cabins, kitchens and toilets is prohibited.

  • Littering is not accepted.

  • Anyone who damages buildings, materials or the belongings of camping guests can be made liable for compensation.

  • Leave common areas (toilets/shower, kitchen) in the same condition as yourself wish to find them.

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